Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County boast a Well-Educated Workforce with Qualified Skillsets

Our regional workforce includes a variety of skilled and non-skilled labor. Many of the workers in our region occupy jobs in various industries like ship building, aerospace manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, and warehouse/distribution. Several large local military installations present labor opportunities on a consistent basis, as many regional companies have been able to attract veterans that are separating from duty and migrating to civilian jobs.

In Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County we are committed to helping your company tackle workforce issues. Not only can our local community college provide customized training, but we can leverage other workforce resources and grant money available through several government and non-profit channels to aid in your location or expansion.

NC’s Locally Grown Workforce

North Carolina’s workforce is among the top in the nation. Our highly educated workforce is just one of the reasons so many businesses—both in the U.S. and abroad—are calling North Carolina home. In addition, our skilled workforce is a major factor in why North Carolina consistently ranks among the best business climates in the U.S.

Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County are close to many of the nation’s top learning institutions

With 53 colleges and universities (including Tier I research universities North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, as well as 58 primary community college campuses across the state), North Carolina’s colleges and universities supply thousands of students to the state’s workforce each year.

What makes NC’s workforce among the best?

  • North Carolina is home to the largest manufacturing workforce in the Southeast
  • 22,500+ Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) degrees annually
  • Ranked #2 in the nation for State Educational Resources (Area Development, 2017)
  • Ranked #2 for Competitive Labor Environment (Area Development, 2018)
  • Ranked #4 Best Labor Climate (Area Development, 2017)

From training programs to continuing education resources, our colleges and universities value the intimate connection between a highly skilled workforce and economic development in our state – allowing North Carolina to support businesses in nearly every industry, from advanced manufacturing and agtech to life sciences and technology.

And with a population growing twice as fast as the national average, our talent pool is constantly growing. Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County are within easy reach of North Carolina’s workforce.

Labor Development

Labor Development in Elizabeth City, NC

The citizens of Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County are highly-skilled, with many working in local and regional manufacturing plants and military installations. The community supports this skilled labor with a variety of apprenticeship, certificate, and degree programs via 2 four-year colleges and 1 community college. Our laborshed covers most of Northeastern North Carolina and also communities in Southeastern Virginia. This represents an area where employees can commute to work in less than an hour’s drive.

Laborshed Statistics:


Total Population


Population Growth (2103-2018)


Number of Veterans


Civilian Laborforce


% of Associates Degrees
(13% above national average)


% of Bachelor’s Degrees

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