Wow! DRS-TAMSCO workforce doubles

Jan 26, 2007 – Defense contractor DRS-TAMSCO has doubled its projected workforce in the last year, doubling up on a promise that its $20-million capital investment in a 110,000 square-foot aircraft-maintenance would create 100 new jobs.

DRS-TAMSCO received a Federal Community Development Block Grant of $500,000 that required that 60 of those 100 go to local low-to-moderate-income workers.

According to Elizabeth City Manager Rich Olson, DRS-TAMSCO has met the 60-job promise and then some. The company now employs more than 200 at an average salary well more than 50% above the community average.

The City helped DRS-TAMSCO to obtain funding from a number of other sources for the expansion. The North Carolina Department of Commerce awarded $200,000, Golden Leaf Foundation gave $250,000, and Pasquotank County loaned $522,000 for the project.

The expansion continues to benefit local residents and the local economy. Currently the DRS-TAMSCO Web site lists nine positions for the Elizabeth City facility.

Some information in this article comes from an article in The Daily Advance by Bob Montgomery, published December 18, 2006.