Meet Our Retirees

“A Wonderful Life” in Elizabeth City

MadrinsMeet the Madrins

Following busy careers that kept them working long hours and on the go, Beverly and Buddy Madrin relocated from Raleigh to Elizabeth City 13 years ago to retire. Theirs hasn’t been a golf-in-the-morning and cocktails-at-sunset kind of retirement, however. Between their volunteer commitments and extracurricular interests, the vivacious couple continues to keep a busy schedule.
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Elizabeth City Perfect Spot for Second Career

BruderlesMeet the Bruderles

A second career can be oh so rewarding, as Pete Bruderle will tell you. Nearly 30 years into a successful financial career, working and traveling the globe as a CFO, he left it behind in 2006 to teach high school math. Eight years later, he and his wife Sally made another life-changing choice – to move from bustling Fairfax, Va., to Elizabeth City.
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Love Strikes Twice for Elizabeth City Retirees

mcnamarasMeet the McNamaras

For Geoff and Jody McNamara, it was love at first sight. As young professionals working in Fairfax, Va., they met on a blind date in 1987. He worked for the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Service as a fire medic. She was finance manager at the Association for Healthcare
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Elizabeth City Feels Like Home for Retired U.S. Coast Guard Couple

campbellsMeet the Campbells

Throughout Don Campbell’s 33 years with the U.S. Coast Guard, he and his wife, Bette Lou, have moved seven times, calling five places home: Fort Myers Beach, New Orleans, Clearwater, Los Angeles and Elizabeth City. When it came time to retire, it was fitting that they made their permanent home where Don concluded his military career – Elizabeth City.
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