Licenses & Permits

Expansion, growth, and business opportunities abound here in the City of Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County. As separate entities, we have different requirements for licenses and permits. Check with the appropriate department for your needs. We welcome the opportunity to help you be successful.

City Of Elizabeth City

City of Elizabeth City

Business License Information

For information on business licenses in the city of Elizabeth City, please call the Planning Department.

Elizabeth City : Planning Department

Planning Department

The Planning Department handles zoning, annexation, and development plan reviews, administers the Unified Development Ordinance, enforces the City’s Public Nuisance Ordinance, and administers Community Development activities.

Building Permits

Building Permits are required in Elizabeth City for all new construction, alteration, and repair which is structural in nature, whether commercial or residential, regardless of cost; for all commercial construction; and for all residential construction, structural or cosmetic, if the cost is $5,000 or more. Cost of Building Permits is calculated based on the estimated cost of construction.

Unified Development Ordinance for the City of Elizabeth City

The City of Elizabeth City’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) was adopted by City Council on September 13, 1999. The purpose of the ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the City of Elizabeth City through the regulation of zoning, subdivisions, and land use.

From time to time, amendments to the UDO are adopted by the City Council. Every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information regarding this ordinance on this website however, the Planning and Community Development Department should be contacted regarding specific permit requirements and procedures. Questions should be addressed to the Planning and Community Development Director 252-337-6672.

Pasquotank County

Business License Information

Pasquotank County does not require a business license.

Pasquotank County : Building Inspections Department

Building Inspections Department

Commercial, Industrial and Residential building permits are issued by the County Building Inspections Department for land areas outside the Extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Elizabeth City. Cost for building permits is calculated based on square footage of improvements.

Pasquotank County : Planning Department

Planning Department

The Pasquotank County Planning Department oversees the County land development regulations including but not limited to Subdivision and Zoning Administration and compliance. The department also assigns E-911 street addresses.

This department serves as staff support for the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment

Pasquotank County Development Regulations

County Land Use Regulations are effective for all land areas outside the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the City of Elizabeth City.

Rezoning Property in Pasquotank County

To rezone any tract of land in the County’s jurisdiction, the petition must be heard by the Planning Board which will make a recommendation to the County Commissioners who will hold a public hearing and make the decision.