Reasons You Should Belong

Elizabeth City Area
Committee of 100

  • A healthy economy means more and better cultural opportunities, better health care, less crime.
  • Industries annually pay a large portion of our county taxes. With costs rising, the cost of government—even if the level of services remains constant—must go up too. Acre for acre, industries pay more into the tax coffers than any other kind of development, thus keeping your taxes down. The highest tax rates in the State are caused primarily by lack of tax base.
  • Our young people are still leaving because of a lack of job opportunities. A large percentage of our families are below the poverty level.
  • You need a voice in the kind of growth Elizabeth City, Camden and Pasquotank Counties experience. The Committee of 100 provides that forum.
  • You will be contributing to the most worthwhile charity of all—helping people find jobs so they can support themselves and get off of welfare and other government programs which cost you far more than your annual dues.
  • Nothing good is ever accomplished by chance—improvements in our community in the past have come about because of the hard work of its people. The Committee of 100 is a broad based, continuing force for positive change and only your minimum contributions of time and money can keep it alive.
  • The dues are purposely low to allow as wide a membership as possible. There are no “cliques” imposing narrow viewpoints upon Committee activities.
  • The Committee is firmly convinced that growth in any part of the county is good for all of the county. It has assisted in locating several industries throughout the county and will continue to do so.

What Does the Elizabeth City Area Committee of 100 Do?
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